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Requesting Fleet Auto Body Services

Auto Body Shop in Denver, COAs a business with a fleet of vehicles, it is essential for you to properly present yourself to your customers. Working with an auto body shop in Denver, CO, helps you do that. These specialists can customize the paint job for your work vehicles to ensure that they have a uniform look that will inspire confidence in your clients. Not only that, but many of these shops are willing to create fleet accounts to make it easier and more affordable for you to get any work you need.

When you reach out to your preferred auto body shop, let them know that you have a fleet of vehicles in need of their services. They will usually ask you what work needs to be done. The repair specialists will also ask how many vehicles in total require the service. After that, an appointment will be made and you will be able to start seeing your fleet come to life before your very eyes.

Make sure that your fleet properly represents your business by working with an auto body shop you trust. Sometimes a simple paint job for your vehicles can create an excellent return on your investment when more and more potential customers begin to learn about your business by seeing your vehicles on the road and at customer locations.

Why You Need to Repair Your Frame ASAP

Auto Body Repair in Denver, COWhen you’ve been in a collision, it could cause bending to the actual frame of your car. Sometimes you may not be able to immediately notice this problem, such as if it was caused by hitting a deep pot hole too quickly. That doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist.

A bent or damaged frame doesn’t just put your vehicle at risk for more damage; it can put you at risk by severely limiting your ability to control your vehicle. This frame very quickly causes more and more problems with your tires, suspension, and just about any other part of your car that rests on it. If the frame is too bent, then you may not even be able to drive in a straight line anymore.

After an accident, you always want to make sure that you take your vehicle to a specialist for auto body repair in Denver, CO. Skilled technicians can look over your vehicle and let you know what is damaged and the best course of action on getting it repaired. Remember, the longer you drive in a car or truck that has been in a collision without taking it to a repair specialist, the more repairs you will need.

Hail and the Damage It Can Cause

Auto Body Repair in Denver, COWhen those nasty storms come blowing through, they can bring devastating hail crashing down onto your car. While smaller pieces of hail might cause some dents and scratches, bigger hail pieces can end up puncturing the body of your vehicle and even causing internal damage to your car’s engine, windows, or interior.

When a nasty hail storm has your vehicle looking worse for wear, you are going to want to take it to a trusted mechanic for auto body repair in Denver, CO. These professionals can quickly assess the damage caused to your vehicle, and then begin the necessary repairs so your car or truck can get back to looking like new again.

There isn’t much you can do to stop hail from damaging your vehicle, unfortunately, depending on where you are at the time. If you can pull into a garage, use a tarp, or otherwise cover up your vehicle, you can avoid some damage. When big hail pieces fall with enough velocity, however, Mother Nature is going to win the day. At least with proper auto body repairs, you won’t have to drive around with the scars of her victory.

Count on the team at Jewell Collision to assist you with any hail damage issues.

The Importance of Requesting Auto Body Repair Services

When most people think about auto body shops, they tend to think about auto painting and dent removal services or repairs that are mostly aesthetic in nature. The professionals at our auto body shop in Denver, CO, do a lot more than just that. These mechanics are trained to go beyond only the physical appearance of your vehicle and look at the actual “bones” of your car, including the frame and suspension system.

By going to an auto body shop, especially after a collision, you can get a full understanding of any damage done to your vehicle. Some of it might be easy to see with your eye, but some of it might not be as obvious. As metal bends, it can cause significant performance issues with your vehicle. This damage can even stop it from working. At our body shop, both the aesthetic and the functional features of your car can be restored.

Furthermore, since these are trained mechanics, they can provide the high-quality of work you would expect from professionals. That means you will receive flawless color matching and repairs that make your vehicle look like new again.

Make an investment in your vehicle when you take your car to Jewell Collision for repair services.

Why You Should Paint Your Vehicle

When the paint on your car starts to chip away, it can create a pretty unsightly look for your vehicle. While nobody wants to drive a car that looks like it is falling apart, some people aren’t quick to bring their vehicle into a body shop to receive a fresh coat of paint either. This type of response is a quick way to turn a minor cosmetic issue into a big repair bill.

Auto painting is not just about restoring your car’s previous luster. It is also one of the major defenses against rust and weather damage. Exposed areas of your vehicle can end up breaking down over time, which can cause many problems with the exterior of your car. This new coat prevents this damage from happening.

Also, remember that if you’re looking to restore your vehicle to its factory look, you are not going to want to work with an amateur. Without the right color and type of paint, your vehicle can end up not looking like its former self, which can drive down its resale value as well as its appearance. These other paints may also not be as effective at protecting against weather damage either.

The team at Jewell Collision is available to assist you when you need help with auto painting services.

Welcome to the Jewell Collision Blog

Auto Dent Removal in Lakewood, COAre you interested in learning more about auto dent removal in Lakewood, CO, as well as tips and tricks to keep your car looking its best? Then you have come to the right place. Jewell Collision has created this blog specifically to give you the helpful information you need so that you can feel more confident when you are looking to restore the look and feel of your vehicle.

Whether we are discussing the benefits of auto painting or going over the different types of threats that can damage your vehicle, our blog is here to be a resource for you. Have additional questions about any of the topics we address? The members of our team encourage you to reach out to us so that one of our friendly staff members can help you out. We are always available to assist you.

The complete satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. This extends beyond just when we are providing them with auto dent services. By sharing some of our knowledge with visitors, we hope you are able to learn a bit more about what our auto body shop does and the reasons you might need to bring your car or truck into our garage.