The Process at Our Auto Body Shop in Denver, CO

Your vehicle is going to be expertly handled through the meticulous process of both repair and negotiating the repair needs with the responsible party or insurance company. In the event that there is not an insurance carrier involved, we will do our utmost to accurately communicate repair needs in a timely fashion and guide the vehicle through the process in an efficient manner. The team at our auto body shop in Denver, CO, does our best to make the entire process as simple as possible.

The steps you can expect in the event of an insurance claim are as follows:

1. The vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by either the insurance company or one of our estimators and a preliminary estimate will be written.

2. Once the approval of this estimate is secured with the responsible payer or insurance company the vehicle will be scheduled into production with one of our technical teams.

3. The necessary equipment to properly diagnose any hidden or secondary damage based on the severity of the repair will be scheduled with the production manager.

4. The vehicle will be moved into the shop process and repair blueprint will be created based on a thorough teardown of the damaged areas along with any technical data to support repairs including computer diagnostics, mechanical diagnostics, structural measurements, and repair process research. This step can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days depending on the severity of the damage and the availability of the necessary data from the manufacturer and third party vendors this stage of the game is also known as the quote supplement.

5. The shop supplement report is then forwarded to an internal estimator who generates the digital record of the physical damage. The supplemental report is then sent to the appropriate person within the insurance company or third-party payer for approval.

6. After a period of two to three days, the insurance company will schedule a re-inspection and resolve any additional damage approvals. Once they have confirmed the needs of the shops repairs and given further approvals, they will forward their formal “supplement approval” document to the shop. We audit this approval for additional accuracy and prepare the vehicle for formal production.

7. Once approval is received all of the parts are ordered to complete the repair. The “repair plan” is created, which is the roadmap to the repair completion. The length of the repair project is dictated exclusively by parts availability, the complexity of repair, and the potential in the process for unexpected delays.

8. A staff person will be in touch to discuss the process up until this point once we have secured full insurance approvals and had knowledge of parts availability. We will describe the repair process, quote our current expected length of time based on our findings and the current state of things. We will answer any questions that may be pressing at this moment and set expectations for what the rest of the process should look like.

9. We will strategically execute the entire repair in an orderly fashion based on the repair needs doing our best to meet the time frame expectations previously quoted.

10. We will be in touch as the vehicle repairs near completion and we can speak more intelligently to the exact time of completion and secure payment information from both the insurance company and the customer. If problems arise that affect the expected time frames will be in touch also to update and revisit the repair process, set the new timing expectations, and answer any additional questions.

Contact us today to get a detailed understanding of our collision repair process. Located in Lakewood, CO, we serve drivers throughout the Metro Denver area. It does not matter if you are looking for help with an auto dent removal in Lakewood, CO, or are interested in hail damage repair in Denver, CO, you can rest assured that the specialists at our business will do their level best to help you improve your vehicle.