About Our Business Providing Auto Body Repair in Denver, CO

Thank you for choosing Jewell Collision for your automobile repair needs. We are proud of the culture of excellence we have been building here since 1980. Our constant striving for improvement and continual development of new practices and strategies to better serve our customers makes us one of the leaders in our industry. Highly trained and experienced technicians will be dealing with your vehicle when you come to us for an auto body repair in Denver, CO. From auto painting to frame straightening, we are continually paying attention to the details when it comes to this critical aspect of your family’s life: your car.

We have the experience, training, and state of the art technology necessary to accurately diagnose and repair even the most devastating of car accidents. Our team also provides the care, concern, and attention to detail required to address the smallest fender benders. When it comes to finding a dependable “auto body shop near me,” you can rest assured our team will be able to assist you.

We understand the importance of reliable transportation in this day and age. We will make every effort to return your car to you in a timely manner and assure you that performance, handling and aesthetics will be restored to their pre-accident condition. To secure this fact we offer a full lifetime warranty on all our repairs and any problems or concerns resulting from the collision.

We at Jewell Collision have taken an early interest compared to many of our competitors in our environmental impact. By recycling our paper and cardboard and switching to high-efficiency lighting and machinery we have drastically reduced our energy needs, waste, and use of resources. In addition, utilizing Sherwin Williams cutting edge AWX Water-Borne paints and coatings has dwarfed our harmful VOC and hazardous emissions to a fraction of other shops our size.

Our continued attention to these areas will meet and exceed any locally mandated changes for our industry years before they go into effect. We are proud to be well on our way to a GREEN facility and business model, in an industry known for its problems in this area we are utilizing state of the art tools to reduce our use of resources and production of toxins.

If you are searching for a repair facility, please feel free to call me personally to discuss your options as a consumer. Don’t let the insurance company dictate who you trust to restore the vehicle you use to transport your most valuable possessions and passengers. Come to Jewell Collision the Diamond of the Industry and let us shine for you.


Christian Lewys Carson
General Manager and Vice President
Jewell Collision
(303) 763-5330

As a consumer, you have the RIGHT to choose ANY auto body repair shop for your vehicle. Read more about the House Bill 03-1235 and learn about your rights as an insured driver.