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The Many Ways Hail Can Damage Your Vehicle

Hail Storm Vehicle Repair in Denver, COEven a small amount of hail is capable of doing large amounts of damage to your vehicle. That is why it is essential to be ready to receive hail storm vehicle repair in Denver, CO, when those cold storms blow through.

How exactly can hail damage your vehicle? There are many different ways. A lot of it has to do with the size of the piece of hail and how fast it is falling out of the sky. With enough speed or force, these hard pieces of ice can cause huge dents and broken windshields and windows. Hail can even damage your engine or other under-the-hood components. Ball-sized hail is actually strong enough to cave in roofs!

There isn’t much you can do to stop hail from damaging your vehicle if it is stuck outside during the storm. By working with a trusted auto body specialist, you can at least restore the look and feel of your vehicle with ease.

You can count on the team at Jewell Collision to assist you when you are dealing with hail damage to your vehicle. Our team has more than 40 years of experience providing auto body services in Denver and the surrounding communities.

The Benefits of Choosing Auto Body Repair Services

Auto Body Repair in Denver, CODamage to your car isn’t something you want an amateur to deal with. When it comes to auto body repair in Denver, CO, it is always important to work with a trained and skilled professional. We’ve taken the time to list out the benefits that come with working with a specialist:

  • Computerized Estimates – Most people want to have a good idea exactly how much their repair services are going to be before any work begins. By using computerized estimates, specialists are able to give you as accurate as possible an estimate so you can plan accordingly.
  • Precision Frame Repairs – A serious collision doesn’t just damage the body of your vehicle, but can also cause damage to the frame. You need to know that your frame is returned as closely as possible to the original factory specifications. Only the state-of-the-art equipment at a professional auto body shop can do this for you.
  • Computerized Parts Ordering – A professional ensures that the right parts for your vehicle are ordered the first time so there are no delays in getting back your car.
  • Expert Technician Repairs –You don’t want to go to a repair specialist who doesn’t have the equipment and qualifications necessary to handle your car’s issues. These technicians have the training necessary to restore your vehicle.
  • Computerized Color Matching – Avoid awkward coloring mishaps by ensuring that any new paint added to your vehicle matches the existing paint.

Why You Should Hire a Specialist to Repair Your Auto Body

Restoring the look and feel of your vehicle isn’t nearly as easy as it might seem at first. Dents, dings, and paint scratches by themselves can be a major challenge for an amateur. Add in that there could be more damage to a vehicle after a collision that isn’t easy to see, and there is more than enough reason to make sure you are going to an auto body shop in Denver, CO, for your repairs.

The specialists at a body shop understand what needs to be done to give you the results you are after. This allows them to guarantee great results at a very cost-effective rate. You have probably seen cars out on the road before with mismatched paint, rusting, and other problems. These are all signs of people who didn’t take their vehicle to a trained professional for their bodywork.

No matter how extensive your job might be, a professional is able to preserve the resale value of your car while providing you with impressive results. Don’t trust your vehicle to someone who may not know what they are doing, or have the equipment to get the work done quickly and correctly. Instead, always bring your car to an auto body shop for work you can trust.

Dents Most Drivers Deal With

Minor dents aren’t going to drive down your car’s ability to get you safely to and fro. If you are someone who takes a lot of pride in the appearance of your car, those little dings can be a major eyesore. Auto dent removal in Lakewood, CO, helps you to restore the original look of your car or truck.

Some of the most common causes for car dents include:

  • Collisions – Consider yourself amazingly lucky if you are involved in some sort of accident and don’t end up with some damage to your vehicle. Scratches, dents, and blemishes to your paint job are all almost guaranteed when you bump into something.
  • Parking Lot Incidents – Have you ever parked in the furthest lot away from the entrance to a store only to find yourself surrounded by other vehicles when you get out? That is just what happens in a parking lot. When there are many cars and shopping carts around you, there is a high chance that someone’s carelessness will end up damaging your paint or body.
  • Children – Children love to run around and play. When they are out in the yard having fun, they might inadvertently end up hitting your vehicle. Basketballs, footballs, hockey pucks, and just about any other type of outdoor toy can end up bouncing off your car if you are parked where kids play.