Understanding How Hail Affects Everyone

The weather is not something we have control over. The only power we have is taking precautions when dangerous and damaging weather is in the forecast. The State of Colorado is particularly prone to the type of thunderstorms that produce hail. This is because it’s part of what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration call the “Hail Valley.” The most active season is May through June, but that doesn’t preclude the need for hailstorm vehicle repair in Denver, CO, in other months of the year.

Avoid Damage If You Can

Hail does a lot of damage to buildings, crops, and vehicles each year. The sheet metal with which cars are made is especially vulnerable to these misshapen balls of ice that dent and ding the outside of the car. Windshields and windows also are exposed and can crack or shatter underneath a hailstorm.

The best place for you and your car is home safe in a garage. When that’s not possible, see what cover you can locate for your vehicle. Also, try to avoid driving, as it’s safer for you to stay in one place. It’s even better for your car.

If you must be inside a car when it’s storming, cover yourself with a blanket and stay as far away from the windshield and windows as you can. When you find your vehicle is damaged by hail, make sure to call an auto body shop for repair.