Inspecting Your Vehicle After an Accident

Auto Body Shop in Denver, COYou won’t be the only one looking at your car after an accident. You may have a number of people inspecting the vehicle. This may include the insurance company’s claims adjuster, as well as a technician from an auto body shop in Denver, CO, and the police. As money is going to be paid to repair crash damage, many people will be on hand to provide input.

The Car Repair Process

To begin with, either the claims adjuster from your insurance company or a technician gives your car a thorough inspection, and a preliminary estimate is produced. After this, a garage issues a more detailed repair blueprint and awaits insurance approval. Once this is done, it’s time to order parts and schedule service.

When you get your vehicle back, we recommend you do another inspection. Look over your car to make sure everything that was written on that blueprint has been repaired. It’s easy to overlook 1 or 2 small things. However, you want to make sure your car is fully operational, with any damage to the frame itself corrected.

It’s best to work with an auto body shop you trust so that you can ask questions and get the necessary repairs. Once you’ve done this and driven your car to make sure it rides as it should, you can relax and enjoy being behind the wheel of your vehicle.