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How Your Suspension Can Be Damaged in an Accident

Suspension Work in Lakewood, COYour car has been damaged in a collision. It’s easy to spot much of the damage, such as a massive dent in the side of the vehicle or a bumper that has fallen off. However, in a crash, some or all of the damage can be hidden, impacting parts of the car you don’t see or that look fine from a quick inspection. To find these problems requires diagnostics for suspension work in Lakewood, CO.

What Your Suspension System Does

Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of the wheels, shock absorbers, and springs that control how the car handles and the smoothness of the ride. With damage to one or more of these parts, you may notice your car is hard to handle or gives you a bumpy ride. This is why it’s essential to work with a trusted auto body shop for visible and hidden damage.

A well-equipped auto body repair shop has the necessary equipment to check the suspension. Expect your technician to give your vehicle a visual check, as well as to use diagnostic tools to tell you what’s wrong and what’s needed to put it right. When it has been fixed, your car has no visible or invisible damage.