Understanding Frame Straightening in Lakewood, CO

The frame is the backbone of your vehicle, and just like a human backbone can get damaged or misaligned, it can happen to your automobile as well. This often happens during a collision, but sometimes even hitting a pothole or driving over a harsh bump can be enough to jar the frame and require repairs.

It’s very important that any damage to your vehicle’s frame is corrected as soon as possible. You don’t want to be driving around on a bent, kinked, or twisted frame for several reasons. This puts a lot of stress on other components such as tires and suspension, and it can even cause more problems and damage to the body panels. In extreme cases, a damaged frame can cause severe handling issues that make your vehicle unsafe to drive. It will also lower the value if you choose to sell your vehicle or even prevent you from getting a motor vehicle inspection.

Frame straightening in Lakewood, CO, from our highly trained and I-Car certified technicians at Jewell Collision are the answer. We follow a process to ensure that the repair work meets all standards for safety.

Before Frame straightening in Lakewood, CO, we assess its condition so that we know the extent of the damage. In this way, we can provide the precise level of service that it needs for effective repair. We’ll inspect and measure it and assess the integrity of the metal itself, and then we get to work.

Using computerized equipment for frame straightening in Lakewood, CO, our technicians arrive at precise figures for alignment and move the frame back into its original shape so it can meet its required safety rating.

At other times, when the damage is more severe, a piece of the frame may need to be cut out and a new piece welded into place.