All About Suspension Work in Lakewood, CO

Life’s road is full of bumps, and so are the real roads that we drive on every day. We can’t help you with the ups and downs of life, but our I-Car certified technicians can offer relief from the potholes, cracks, and craters that you encounter on the highways and city streets.

At Jewell Collision, we provide suspension work in Lakewood, CO, that allows your car, truck, or SUV to deliver the smooth ride that you expect and deserve from your vehicle. As a full-service collision shop, we often do suspension repair work as a part of the damage renewal that we offer.

When your vehicle sustains a serious jolt during an accident, it can have many negative cascading effects that might not be apparent at first. Of course, crumpled metal and broken glass is easy to spot, but a broken shock or spring or bent strut isn’t as easy to identify. You may only learn about this damage when you start driving your automobile again and then find yourself wobbling and wandering down the road in a vehicle that doesn’t really want to go where you tell it.

When you come to us for suspension work in Lakewood, CO, we look at it from bumper to bumper to make certain that everything that needs to be fixed is completed. If your frame has sustained damage that could directly have a negative result on your shocks and struts, we need to repair it. Front-end collisions are particularly hard on suspension pieces and steering components because that’s where the bulk of those parts are placed.

Our suspension work in Lakewood, CO, involves inspecting all the parts to make sure they are safe and operate properly. If we find a broken leaf spring or a shock that’s leaking, for example, we can take care of those pieces by either repairing them or replacing them with OEM-quality parts.